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Scouts: OFF

Coaches: OFF

Financial Coefficient: 1.000

Suspensions: ON

Drug Suspensions: ON

Injury settings: LOW

Delayed Injury Diagnosis: NEVER

Career Ending Injuries: For players under 30 these will be changed to 1 year from the original injury date

Ratings Scale: 20 to 80


Show Ratings>Max: YES

Top Prospect List: DYNAMIC

Batter Aging Speed: 1.000

Batter Dev. Speed: 1.000

Pitcher Aging Speed: 1.000

Pitcher Dev. Speed: 1.000

Talent Change Randomness: 100

Rule V Draft: ENABLED

Designated Hitter: AL ONLY

Active Roster Size: 25

Expanded Roster Size: 40

Roster Expansion Date: September 1st

Secondary Roster Size: 40

Waiver Length: 14 Days

DFA Length: 14 days

Disabled List Length: 14 Days

Trade Deadline Date: July 31st

Trading of Recently Drafted Players: AFTER ONE CALENDAR YEAR

Draft Pick Trading: DISABLED

10/5 Rule: ENABLED

Amateur Draft Date: June 6th (Will be using OOTP Utilities for Drafting)

Number of Rounds: 30

Draft Pool Reveal Date: 75 Days before Draft

2012 CBA Rule Changes: Enabled

Average National Media Contract: 25 million

Fixed Media Contract: BASED ON MARKET SIZE


o Rules will not be changed during the season. Any rule is subject to change during the offseason.

o Free Agents that have been recently signed cannot be traded until 6 months after signing date.


o The most expensive and least expensive years of any FA or extension contract cannot be more that 20% different from the contracts average value (ex. Contract avg value = $15,000,000, Most expensive year can be $18,000,000, least expensive can be $12,000,000)

o Offered free agent contracts and extensions must not include more than 1 team option. 1 Team Option and 1 Player Option is okay, but the player option must be first

o No Free Agent contract offer or extension can exceed 5 years (If a player demands longer email the commish)


o All trades will be processed post sim

o Injured players cannot be traded

o If money is changing hands in future seasons the commissioner is not responsible for remembering, it is the teams responsibility to remind him at the beginning of each season

o The commissioner reserves the right to veto any trade due to the best interests of baseball clause after consulting with his executive council.
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